We are CreditSnap

Finding the best deal on your loan can be a daunting experience. CreditSnap’s mission is to make that easy  with a one stop digital experience and help you find the best loan terms like a Pro. Powered by CreditSnap’s cutting edge technology and savvy lender partnerships, this new experience will allow consumers to:

  1. Shop for competitive rates and know your buying power without negatively impacting credit

  2. Know which lender offers are a perfect match to your credit profile

  3. Get Pre-qualified lender offers instantly

Why and What we do

Applying for a loan online is not news to any of us, it has been around for a decade now. While that experience has improved over time, consumers still do not have a credible option to fulfill their credit needs in a single digital experience. CreditSnap is inspired to take this challenge head on and deliver consumers the tools they need to achieve just that

  • Up until a decade ago consumers had to go to their bank’s website to apply for a loan. To shop for the best rate implied submitting applications at several banks. Average consumer tried a few and then got tired, and just took what they got from the few attempts. Consumers sacrificed on credit profile (several hard inquiries) and their time to apply with multiple banks – just to shop for best rates.

  • Online lending platforms started about a decade ago with the goal to make this comparison shopping better. However, they were still giving just the range of APRs, and consumers had to apply with each bank to know the exact loan amount eligibility and to know whether they qualify for the loan.

  • Some best of the class lending platforms have evolved in the last five years, and they are able to tell consumers the odds of approval for each offer. But, they use cheaper vantage scores and vantage scores are not the same as what banks use – so consumers still get declined. And as a result, consumers are still forced to continue applying at multiple banks until they get approved

  • CreditSnap delivers a single unified digital experience to consumers. Our full Pre-Qualificaiton engine uses real FICO scores (similar to what lenders use) and artificial intelligence to match your credit profile with our lender partner offers so that you have very high odds of approval. Lenders want to reduce declines, and so do customers – a win win. Add to that the fully digital experience and best in class rates and offers, consumers can walk away with pre-qualified lender offers from our lending partners in just a few minutes – all of this free, instant and without needing to make or take a phone call with the lender.

Meet Our Team

Sreeram Jadapolu
Sreeram JadapoluCEO & Founder
Sreeram founded CreditSnap with a burning desire to bridge the many gaps that today’s consumers are finding in their credit needs journey. He is applying learnings from his 17 years experience in consumer lending and banking to CreditSnap. He has successfully created and scaled an enterprise product for Higher Education brands in India, and brings prior experience working at USAA and TCS. He has masters in computer science & applications
Deepak Polamarasetty
Deepak PolamarasettyPresident
Deepak takes the lead on Product and Marketing functions. With 15 years of Product, Marketing and Technology experience, he was most recently at Netgear scaling up their IoT products to $100m+ in 2 years. Previously he worked at HSBC in Consumer Lending, Kabam and TCS. He has an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill and Bachelors in Engineering from IIT Varanasi
Rickey Burks
Rickey BurksBoard Member & Advisor
Over 35 years of experience in Financial Services providing tech and business innovation leadership. Held position of SVP Chief Technology Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at USAA. Responsible for all aspects of USAA’s IT architecture, business and technology. In addition to his Executive role, Mr. Burks also led and participated in multiple disruptive innovations and is named inventor on several patents